Oct 1, 2012

Are You An Overcomer???

    Throughout the book of Revelation in the letters to the seven churches, over and over Jesus addresses them with " To the one who overcomes I will."....   The book of Hebrews is a book laced throughout with the subject of endurance. Those who are accused of unbelief are referred to as having an evil heart.
    Do you have an overcomers heart?  A heart full of faith .  A heart that is faith-ful??? An overcomers heart is the heart that is faith-ful.  One with an overcomers heart has Christ's own heart. And Jesus being victorious over death will not allow us to be anything less than overcomers.  His heart will subdue our heart of unbelief.  If you have been a Christian for some time and He isn't bringing your heart into subjection to His word, I would question wether you are really a Christian.
 Jesus was the ultimate overcomer.  He overcame the grave!    He will overcome even our own wishes and desires .  That's why  Gods word says " He will not allow you to be tempted above that which you are able to endure."  He will not ALLOW!  Not Sometimes He will and sometimes He won't.  He is the new Lord of a life committed to Him.  A new creature in Christ is just that!  A new creature . One with his word written on the heart.  No longer under the law but under grace. 

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