Feb 17, 2011

A Bride For Isaac

    In my daily devotional by Adrian Rogers , I read this this morning. "Many read the Bible like a math book rather than a love story. They get the words, but they don't get the music." It made me think of how music works. There is a give and take, and an ebb and a flow to music. If we only read God's word as a formula rather than an encounter with the love of our life, we will not truly get it.
    I know that when I read a poem it is nice, but when someone has the ability to give that poem a beautiful melody it transforms the whole art endeavor! All of a sudden the words are somehow enhanced. (given the RIGHT melody) . But the opposite is true also. If that poem which is beautiful is given the WRONG melody, it can actually diminish the value of the poem. 
   Our enemy is on a mission to diminish the value of the greatest love story ever written. He wants to set it to dark sinister music . After all, he WAS the worship leader in heaven! He knows about music. The reason that some don't look at the bible as a love story is because satans music is playing in the back ground of their lives. We must come at Gods word KNOWING His great love for us, or we won't come to it at all , Or when we do come to it, we will come to it from a legalistic standpoint- like a math equation.
   I love the story of Abraham and Isaac in the book of Genesis but the latter part of the story is the lesser known part and yet it is SO important! After Abraham and Isaac go up the mountain to offer the sacrifice and Isaac is spared, two chapters later in chapter 24 the unnamed servant of Abrahams household goes to find a bride for Isaac.  If you read the story for yourself you will see a beautfiul picture of God the Father , God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and then the bride of Christ. See how quickly Rebekah leaves her home and her family to go with the servant and become one with Isaac who she has never even met.  It is a beautiful love story and a story of faith.  And it is all written down so that we might know that God sought us out. He sent His servant (the Holy Spirit) to find a us and bring us to our Isaac (Jesus), on the orders of God the Father. Now the question is will we repond like Rebekah when He comes for us?  And remember, He calls to us daily to come away with Him. 
I don't know about you , but I'd be crazy not too.   He has wealth untold and this wealth will never rust or decay.  It is of eternal worth!

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