Mar 10, 2011

It Takes a Little Rain- Oak Ridge Boys


Sometimes we're friends
Sometimes we're strangers
And though there are tears
There's always love
It hurts when you cry
From words thrown in anger
Warm feelings run deep
But that's not enough.

It takes a little rain
To make love grow
It's the heartache and the pain
That makes the real heart show
Where the sun always shines
There's a desert below
It takes a little rain
To make love grow.

Hearts disagree then they grow closer
Honesty wins when it's someone you trust
Forever takes time
True love is never over
It's filled with new starts
Just look at us.

I was thinking about these lyrics this morning and thinking that a rainy day is something we don't relish especially in the middle of the summer! Every once in a while it's nice but when it goes on and on it becomes really old.  Yet the rain has it's purpose.  It is needed.
In a Spiritual sense I think of rain as the pain of realizing that you're not all you thought you were.  Ever heard the term "rain on my parade?" 
When we argue with people we love or something tragic occurs in our lives  it makes us realize that things aren't perfect. It burst our pride bubble. Isn't what we're looking for deep in our souls- like a perfect sunshiny day?  Thats why so many people move South.  We're always looking for greener grass wether it be through literally relocating or it is just looking for the next thing to fill that void.  Anything but Jesus! I mean Jesus brings us face to face with the reality of who we really are.  We don't want that in our human nature!  We have been programmed by society our whole lives to put our best foot forward and parade the best of who we are, but I see in the Psalms (esp) a different principle .  I see that God wants us to bring  ALL of who we are . The WHOLE of who we are, good, bad and ugly.  (Psalm 51)  If we won't do business with God by humbling ourselves through His word, He will do business with us by allowing us to go through the desert for long periods if need be so that when the rain comes we will embrace it.  The rain is painful but it is also cleansing, healing and freeing especially when it comes after a long drought. And God wants nothing less than freedom, cleansing, and healing for His children!  If we won't face pain knowing that He is bigger than the pain and His love is greater than any failure, He will force us to do business with Him by allowing a drought to give us a new perspective on rain! And through it He will bring us to the place where we realize that His love is greater than any failure  and all He really wanted was to clean us up and gives us a new set of clothes and bind up our wounds!  Love cannot rest until the one it loves is safe from the effects of sin, warm with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and and free from the power of the enemy who tries to shame us!

It takes a little rain to make love grow.
Read the lyrics again and see if they don't mean more the second time around..

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