Apr 11, 2011

All Encouragement And No Correction?

I have a toddler who has just learned to walk. He is heading towards the road as fast as his little legs can take him. It is a busy road and I have seconds to make the decision. On the one hand I am proud of his new found ability to walk, but on the other hand there is grave danger if he keeps on in the direction he is headed! Do I do something drastic to get him to stop or do I offer him praise and encouragement for the great job he is doing with walking??? Seems ridiculous to even ask such a question but if I scream to shock him into STOPPING, he will inevitably cry with a broken heart. He won't understand why I did what I did. He will think I am cruel . I mean he was so proud of himself and I burst his bubble!

But if I praised him , he would have been so proud he would probably go even faster in that direction.
If I really love him I can only praise him again if he turns around.........Then I am free to offer all the praise and encouragement there is to offer .
Was Jesus cruel and unloving when He said " Repent (turn around) for the kingdom of heaven is at hand?" Why didn't He just offer encouragement if that would have been all the people needed? I believe He did offer encouragement but only AFTER they turned around.

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