Sep 9, 2009

A Sentimental Tree

The huge sugar maple tree in the front of our yard was cut down this morning. For several years we have anticipated this day. The village workers had lopped of branches here and there through the years to the point of the tree being so lop-sided, it looked ridiculous coming down the street. If it hadn't been for the fact that the root system was so deep, it probably would have fallen on our house long ago. All of the weight of that tree hung over our yard. But from our side (the view from our living room) it was beautful full and lush. It provided beautiful shade for the front lawn. The problem is that it's roots were planted a few feet too far in the wrong direction. The tree was technically on village property.
We are a people resistant to change. At least I am. (Unless the change is my idea) The day the workers came to give us advanced notice about the tree coming down, my younger son Nicholas was sad. He has memories of hanging out under that tree examining bugs and ants that had made their homes there. Or memories of sitting down under the tree to rest in it's shade after shooting hoops. He has always loved the outdoors and every tree or bush in our yard probably holds some sort of memory for him. I have always loved his tendancy to wonder at the marvel of Gods creation. From the time he was little he would spot the tiniest little bug no bigger than a grain of salt on the sidewalk. He would also love to feed the spiders some sort of bug he would find. He would drop it into their web and watch the spider come out and methodically wind it up into a cocoon for a snack later on. So this tree holds memories for us beyong the mere obvious. That tree was a part of my kids lives. I'm not a tree hugger or anything, just a sentimental mom who loves the memories I have of my boys when they were little . That's why when Nicholas took a can of spray paint and painted the front of the tree with the message shown in the picture, it touched my heart.
Now it's my job to teach them to accept that life is full of change and all sorts of seasons. We can either accept the change and move on and grow through it, or we can resist it and stay stuck and stunted in growth....... and unhappy . Stuck in the mud doesn't sound too appealing to me -how about you?
Already we have come up with some positive aspects to the tree being gone. We have determined that there are at least 4 positives we can focus on.
1.We have a much brighter living room because of the tree coming down. (The shade kept alot of light out of our living room)
2.There will be no more sap dripping on my husbands truck in the driveway.
3. There will be alot less leaves to rake in the fall, and
4.Each year we don't have to wonder anymore if this is the year they will finally take the tree down!
Even though I still haven't adjusted to looking out my front window with the tree being gone.....(It looks like our yard is naked), I will in time and I will cherish the memories I have of that big old tree. I'm a simple soul I guess . It's the simple things in life that make me happy. I somehow think it won't be long before another tree is planted in our front yard....But this time it's feet will be planted on OUR property!

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